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The Mental Toughness Coach for Athletes of All Ages

Watch my free Mental Toughness Masterclass

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"I can hardly believe how much this has enhanced my son's game!


I now calmly watch him play knowing whatever happens he can handle it. Two months ago I wouldn't believe this was possible!

- Patricia A., Tampa, FL

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The Athlete                                    Mental-Game Struggle                is Real! 


Athletes struggle with their thoughts all-the-time! But game-time is the WORST.

  • The constant fear of failure.
  • The inability to perform in games as in practices.
  • The heavy weight of expectations.
  • The results are increased anxiety, over-thinking, reduced confidence = Under-Performance

I CAN HELP. My goal is simple - put athletes back in control of their thinking.

Imagine your athlete confidently facing challenges. I mean with NO-FEAR and calmy making good decisions in crunch time!

Sounds like a dream?

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Hello, I'm Coach Gad

I'm a former professional athlete and certified Mental Performance Coach, who helps athletes of all ages and levels learn how to change feelings of fear, doubt and anxiety into higher levels of focus, confidence, and resiliency.

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Becoming mentally tough isn't complicated.

NOT when you have a simple concept, proven to work over and over again...

"I started to see results in about three to four weeks...

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At first, I wondered if the material would be appropriate for my 11 year-old-son, and the answer is YES! It's easy to understand and follow. I started to pick up on a few things my son was saying and focusing on, including helping his teammates out. If your child is struggling and you're considering the MTA program, DO IT!"

- Emilio P., Soccer Dad

"My son is feeling much more confident...

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In fact, I see him using some of the mental-game tools and strategies during his practice. Emotions are a big challenge for him in sports and everyday life, so the mental skills he’s learned from your Mentally Tough Athlete program are helping him on and off the field. Thank you, Coach Gad!"

- Veronica W, Baseball Mom

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