My real story...

Everything looked great on the outside!

As a young blue-chip soccer prospect, I was a determined individual. Playing for Canada at a FIFA Youth World Cup, I was well on my way to achieving my dreams.... UNTIL a career-altering injury and a series of events took place that sent me on an emotional roller coaster.

I ended up earning an athletic scholarship and playing ten years of professional soccer. Still, my career was filled with challenges that I was not mentally prepared to handle and that ultimately limited me from reaching my full potential.

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Feelings of sadness, anger and despair...

At the age of 29, where most athletes are at their peak, I had to retire because of a series of concussions. Leaving me with a bitter feeling of why did things turn out this way? I had the talent, why was I not able to accomplish more?


Getting healthy...

I figured my first step was to get my brain healthy so I visited my local libraries daily to learn all I could about the brain. This led me to develop an interest in psychology and ultimately discover the power of sports psychology.

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Such a powerful tool!

I realized this was exactly what I was missing in my athletic development. The knowledge to control my thoughts and feelings and ultimately decision-making  with strategies and tools implemented during crucial moments of competition. I couldn't believe I was never given this type of training at any age or level. It's crucial!

Becoming a Mental Performance Coach...

Consequently, I made a decision to become not just a regular coach but one that focuses on the mental side of the game. I devoured books on the subject, took many courses and ultimately put together my own program and the results were amazing. I've won a national championship, three provincial titles and been recognized with some coach of the year awards.

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The 'Mentally Tough Athlete' program...

I knew that the next step was to get my program out so all athletes regardless of age and level could benefit from my powerful yet simple to understand and implement program. What followed was the completion of my book and a number of appearances in the media including newspapers, radio stations and podcasts.

Today, I work with all kinds of athletes in every sport...

Ranging from those just starting their athletic careers to others that play professionally and participate in Olympic Games. In fact, my athletes have won 7 Olympic medals!

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The values I live (and work) by.



Does your athlete have big goals? (So did I) Yes, reaching the top of the athletic ladder isn't easy but to have a chance an athlete needs to have a strong mindset. One that will help them in athletics and life!


This is me! I've lived it as an athlete, coach and parent. My program is based on real-world situations and my stories (the good and the bad) are real. I know where athletes are coming from and can relate to their struggles.


I'm actually not a coach - but a strategist. This means I don't say "Shake it off", "Forget about it", "Learn from it and let it go". I teach athletes mental game strategies and tools so they're prepared for every situation. 

Other things you should know about me...

I enjoy Latin dancing and have become a fanatic of the sport of pickleball. I will use my mental-toughness program to conquer the pickleball world! :)

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