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"Literally life changing!"

"Within a few months, we notice his confidence blossoming on and off the ice. He's able to, at such a young age, notice when he needs to use his mental-game tools without me having to say anything. As a family, we're exceptionally grateful to Coach Gad because I've learned a lot as well!"

- Becca H, Hockey Mom

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  • Free Mental Toughness Masterclass

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"I was fascinated by how Coach Gad can make a complicated subject easy to understand...

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When I saw my older and younger daughter start to implement the mental-game tools they were learning in warm-ups and games, I was impressed. This is something I tried to do for years with no luck. No question Coach Gad’s MTA program influences the athlete and gets them thinking and behaving more positively and confidently.

- Jody H., Hockey Dad & Coach

"The MTA program was a great success for my son...

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He applied the material right away. Everyone gets physical training…and this mindset training provided a great balance. The examples used are what you see on TV with pro athletes as well, so that made it really relatable. My son looks forward to each session.

- Chad S., Hockey Dad

"Your sessions are just the right length to keep me focused and engaged....

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The assignments after every session are especially useful as it forces me to apply the learning to my weekly routine. I always knew my mindset was important to get my game to the next level, but I had no idea what a difference it can make. Thank you for being an essential part of my athletic success!

- Kim L., NCAA Soccer Player

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