$200 Off *ENROLL NOW*
$200 Off *ENROLL NOW*

A Proven, Science-Based Sports Psychology Program

that helps athletes OF ALL AGES,  turn feelings of doubt, fear & anxiety into higher levels of focus, belief, confidence & overall resiliency for sports & life!

*$200 OFF* Yes, My Athlete Needs This...

By the end of this program, your athlete will have...

>> A healthy belief system and positive thought process.

>> Improved level of focus and concentration.

>> More consistent confident play.

>> Increased and sustained motivation.

>> Coping skills to deal with setbacks and adversity.

>> More emotional awareness & the ability to make adjustments.

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Hey, I'm Certified Mental Performance Coach Gad Espinosa...

I've been that anxious, stressed-out, fear-of-failing athlete.  I've also been the parent that see's their child have problems coping with the demands of competitive sports.

20 years and over 20,000 hours of coaching and 1000s of athletes later, I've been able to pinpoint methods that work magic with athletes when it comes to building a strong mindset!

I call my method the Mentally Tough Athlete (MTA) - Total Transformation program. I'm thrilled to share my secrets with motivated parents that are tired of seeing their child struggle through the emotional roller coaster of competitive sports.


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I've Been the Athlete!

There's nothing that can replace experience. I’ve been there as that young athlete who at times struggled through fear, doubt, and the anxiety to perform under pressure; therefore...

I make all the mental game strategies and tools easy to understand and implement for all ages.

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I've Been the Parent

I have a competitive swimmer and hockey goalie. I’ve seen them struggle through the pressures young student-athletes face. As much as we want to provide advice, our children rather take advice from others.

I become that arms-length coach that you can refer to and remind your athlete about when you want to reinforce some crucial mental-game guidance!

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I've Been the Coach

Before I ever began teaching my MTA program. I tried it on the teams and athletes I was coaching. From young house league players to high-performance young adults.  I saw what was working and what needed some tweaking. It took a few years, but...

in time, I put together a formula that produces consistent results!

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“Gad was a terrific mentor and resource for our son when he was looking for extra guidance to help him take his game to the next level. His professional, perceptive approach is combined with authentic experiences and examples of how to use the power of a good mindset to improve performance; he really understands where athletes are coming from! We highly recommend Coach Gad and his MTA 90-Day Transformation program.”

Angela M. Mom

Stop dreading your athlete's response to their next bout of adversity. With my...

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program, they'll have a step-by-step mindset-building system that will provide a foundation of success-thinking patterns and mental-game tools your athlete can confidently turn to in any situation.

Let me in on this Mind Building System

Who is this for...

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Young Athletes

I've had tremendous success with athletes as young as 9 years old.

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Older Athletes

Teens, High School & College athletes have experienced huge improvements

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The parent-child dynamic is challenging. It's vital for parents to know what to say and do in trying times.

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Have a specially important role in developing an athlete's mind. Use my proven tactics to develop the whole athlete!

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“At first, I wondered if the material would be appropriate for my 11-year-old son, and the answer is YES! It’s easy to understand and follow. I started to see results in about three to four weeks. I started to pick up on a few things my son was saying and focusing on, including helping his teammates out….”

- Emilio P, Soccer Dad


Your athlete will learn to...

  • Overcome anxiety so they perform in competition like they do at practice.
  • Break limiting beliefs so they face difficult situations with newfound confidence.
  • Learn-from-failure, that way they DON'T FEAR mistakes because they know it's an opportunity to grow.
  • Boost their self-confidence, therefore, negative people and situations don't affect them.
  • Stay hyper-focused and motivated during all difficult situations including coming back from injury.
  • Be courageous in the most pressure-filled moments of competition.
  • Use a life skill that will bring success on and off the athletic arena!
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“I noticed my ability to shake off bad situations improved. I no longer get easily frustrated, which has transitioned to me being more focused and making better decisions. I really recommend Coach Gad's 'Mentally Tough Athlete' program, it's helped take my game to another level and is a big reason I signed my first professional contract this year. One goal achieved and many more to come!

 Nik C. Pro Soccer Player

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“There is no better testimonial than from a third party. Ben’s teacher has noticed an improvement in his focus, motivation and how he relates to his classmates. When she mentioned this to him Ben told her he believes it’s because of the MTA program he's taking from Coach Gad and I agree. Coach Gad’s program is intuitive, clear and engaging and most importantly widely applicable in sports and everyday life. It has been great for Ben!”

David A., Hockey Dad

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“Hi Coach Gad, I just wanted to let you know that Hudson is feeling much more confident in terms of working on his defensive skills. In fact, I see him using some of your mental-game tools and strategies during his practices. Emotions are a big challenge for him in sports and everyday life so the mental-skills he’s learned from your - Mentally Tough Athlete - program is helping him on and off the field. Thank you so much!”

Veronica W., Baseball Mom

I invite you to join me...

In my step-by-step 90-DAY online course to help your athlete learn to become mentally tough so they can >> make calm, confident decisions when it matters most when the pressure is on! Both in sports and everyday life!

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It uses many education touchpoints to ensure your athlete gets the support they need to build their mental game.

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Touch Point #1) Weekly mental skills training session with me (recorded). This is the meat of the program. I systematically introduce and teach your athlete all the mental-game strategies and tools they will need to become mentally tough. 

During each session I will:

  • teach a new strategy or mental-game tool that can easily be implemented into an athlete's regular routine.
  • provide a ‘homework’ template to ensure the athlete has understood the lesson taught and how to begin to apply it. 
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Touch Point #2) Weekly Communication - Every week, I’ll connect with your athlete to stay on top of them and ensure they view the video and do the practical work, and send inspirational messages.

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Touch Point #3) Monthly live Q&A session with me - Have a question or concern? Send them to me, and I’ll answer them for you on the call. If you can‘t be there live - no worries - each session is recorded so you can view it at your convenience.

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Touch Point #4) Online Library Access to all the video, audio, presentation files and ebooks for life! That's right, your athlete will have access to a full library of all the 'mentally tough athlete' program material. That way, they can go back and review any material as needed. Essentially it allows them to take control of their mindset training forever!

This is the exact same program that has brought success to many of my athletes and for which parents and athletes have happily invested in. Why?...BECAUSE IT CHANGES LIVES!

Just listen to Becca's family experience...


“I knew from the beginning that it was life mental toughness that our son was going to learn...As a family, we're exceptionally grateful for what Coach Gad's MTA program has done for Jack and us!”

Becca H., Hockey Mom


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Via a live one-hour Zoom call, I will go over your athlete's current situation and provide a step-by-step game plan, so they get the most out of all the knowledge they'll be gaining. This session alone has a ...

($300 VALUE)

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Get exclusive access to this built-in support system filled with other moms who have gone through the course (and me!) to answer questions and share experiences. Having this support has been priceless to the moms in this community.

($300 VALUE)

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I was asked to do a 6-episode radio show on all-sports radio station TSN1150. This provides an in-depth discussion about my program and will answer many of your questions. Get instant access to all episodes!

($200 VALUE)

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This is essentially the manual for my program. I take you through my own personal experiences and real-life examples and applications of how to use your newfound mental-game skills.

($29 VALUE)

As you can see this is an incredibly comprehensive program. I leave no chance that your athlete will not develop a strong, confident & winning mindset!

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Here's the whole step-by-step mind-building system to help athletes reach higher levels of confidence, focus and resilience!

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Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll now:

  • Mentally Tough Athlete: 90-Day Transformation Online Course - ($3500 Value)
  • A live ONE-HOUR 'Getting Started', one-on-one session with me - ($300 Value)
  • Exclusive MTA Facebook Community - ($300 Value)
  • My Exclusive Six Episode MTA Radio Show - ($200 Value)
  • My Mental Toughness for Athletes Book - ($29 Value)
  • Access To All This Material FOREVER!
  • SPECIAL BONUS = One Year Access to my MT App - ($495 Value)

Total Value: $4,824

Regular $497

Your Price Today = $297




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I created the Mentally Tough Athlete 90-Day Transformation program™ working 1-on-1 with thousands of athletes for over 20 years, and I stand behind this program 100%. If your athlete puts in the work (not much, but some is required) and your child is still struggling, and you don’t think the MTA 90-Day Transformation™ is the right solution, I’m happy to offer you a full refund. But your athlete needs to be ready to show me the work that they put in!

I built this program for athletes and families who are all-in and don't want to leave any stone unturned in preparing their athlete's body & MIND so they have the best chance to reach their full potential.

Questions Parents Have Asked Before Diving Into MTA Foundations

Yes, I'm Ready To Enroll Now! >>

More proof my MTA 90-Day Transformation program works...

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“I found the mental-game tools you teach very powerful. No question I noticed an increase in my confidence and an overall better understanding of my feelings and how I can control them. In addition, I really enjoy how you connect your experiences as a former professional athlete to what I’m going through. I look forward to continuing to connect with your program throughout my athletic journey.”

Justin S, Pro Hockey Player

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“Gad’s ‘Mentally Tough Athlete' program was fantastic. It was engaging and my boys really enjoyed it. I thought the content was excellent and appropriate for their age. It addresses the many barriers athletes face to reaching their potential. And the price...are you kidding me, it was great value, especially when you consider Gad’s program impacts the player and the person. Take the program you won't regret!

Adam J, Hockey Dad & Coach

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“Your sessions are very helpful, coach Gad. The assignments after every session are especially useful as it forces me to apply the learning to my games and practices. I also find the sessions are just the right length to keep me focused and engaged. 
Thank you for putting this program together and for being an important part of my soccer journey.”

Kim L, NCAA Scholarship Soccer Player

Let's Recap what Your Athlete Gets With My MTA 90-Day program...

  • Mentally Tough Athlete: 90-Day Transformation Online Course - ($3500 Value)
    • Including Access To The Online Library (video, audio, presentation slides) Forever!
  • A live ONE-HOUR 'Getting Started', one-on-one session with me - ($300 Value)
  • Exclusive MTA Facebook Community - ($300 Value)
  • My Exclusive Six Episode MTA Radio Show ($200 Value)
  • My Mental Toughness for Athletes eBook - ($29 Value)
  • SPECIAL BONUS = One Year Access to my MT App - ($495 Value) 

Total Value $4,824

But You'll Get Access to Everything Today for just:

Regular $497, Now only $297

 *Limited Time*


Help your athlete build a foundation that fires on all cylinders: Skill-set, Physical & MENTAL... so they become FEARLESS!

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If you're ready to see your child become Mentally Tough for sports and LIFE - let's get started today!
Yes, I'm Ready to Invest in Mental toughness!
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