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Free 'Mental Toughness' Team Webinar

Coach, thank you for requesting more information regarding my free webinar here are the details:

Length: It goes for about 50 minutes to an hour depending on the length of the Q&A.

How: It's a live-webinar through Zoom. Once we book a time you will receive all the information.

When: At a convenient day and time for you and your team.

Next Step:  Book the webinar for you team by clicking below.

Book Free Team Webinar
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“Gad’s free workshop was engaging and the players really enjoyed it. The content was excellent and appropriate for their age. It directly addresses the biggest barrier for any athlete to reach their full potential – their CONFIDENCE. Gad’s delivering is authentic and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the workshop to any coach for his/her team”

Adam J, Rep Hockey Coach

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