How Top Athletes Train Their Brain to Become Mentally Tough.

So many athletes sacrifice so much for a chance to fulfill their childhood dream. This book is for that athlete that’s willing to give it all. That full no-regrets later experience. If you or your child have that attitude, desire and willingness to leave no stone unturned, this book is for you.

Imagine having the ability to turn anxiety, doubt, frustration and adversity into more consistent confidence, higher levels of focus, unwavering resiliency against the most difficult of opponents and the skill to make good choices when you need it most, this book will show you how.

As a former professional athlete, Gad has first-hand knowledge of the power of mental-skills training. He is now on a quest to help other athletes discover the most powerful part of their body, their brain. 

“Your brain tells your body what to do, therefore, to get the most out of all the skills and physical training you do, you must train your brain to make the right decisions when it matters most!” - Coach Gad

Over the years Gad has helped hundreds of athletes from those just starting their athletic career to professional athletes and others that have gone on to successfully compete at World Championships and Olympic Games.  

In this book, he’ll teach you the same proven and successful program he’s been teaching for years. Athletes will learn: 

  • How to build and sustain high levels of confidence and motivation.
  • How to use adversity and setbacks to your advantage.
  • How to stay focused and refocus when needed.
  • How to make ‘success-thinking’ patterns a habit. 
  • The 4 keys to thinking like champions do.
  • The power of understanding success.
  • Learning to work with a team for maximum performance.
  • The role of a fully developed overall goal and dream.
  • How their ‘Why Factor’ determines their decisions.
  • 6 Mental-Skill tools that they can begin to implement asap that will jump-start their performance to another level.

Leave nothing to chance. Train your brain!

How Top Athletes Train Their Brain to Become Mentally ToughAny Athlete Fulfill Their Potential


What you will learn

  • How your mind leads your body
  • The 4 Keys to thinking like a champion
  • How to embed automatic success thinking patterns
  • Understanding the meaning of success
  • The power of being a great team player
  • 6 simple mental-game tools you can implement now to help you get the most out of all your hard work!
  • And much more... 
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Nick, C, pro soccer player

“I noticed my ability to shake off bad situations improved. I no longer get easily frustrated and this has transitioned to me being more focused in practice and making clearer and better decisions in games. I really recommend Coach Gad’s mental-toughness program. His sessions and book has helped me take my game to another level and I’m really close to achieving my dream!”

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Dan G, hockey dad

“In his book, Coach Gad teaches individuals how to let go of limiting beliefs. He shows players how to boldly confront failure and use it as a springboard for future success. I found this to be a real game-changer for the development of my players and team! I highly recommend Coach Gad’s book for athletes, parents and coaches as it addresses a component of an athlete’s development that is too often overlooked.”

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Jackie A, baseball mom

“Coach Gad, I wanted to let you know that Josh has enjoyed your book immensely. He has learned to be more focused and how to relax during crucial moments of the game. He finds the mental-skill tools you teach extremely helpful and easy to incorporate. He also mentioned how surprised he is in regard to how his thinking can drastically improve his play. Thank you for your book!.”

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