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It is important that athletes begin to understand how their thinking affects their feelings and ultimately their decision making. This has a direct affect on their athletic performance, how they view road-blocks, and overall well-being.

In today's climate both on and off the athletic field brain training is a vital component of athletic development. With this in mind I am offering some free workshops to help any athlete and team begin the process. I hope you take advantage of them!

Mental Toughness (MT) - Free Team Workshop

This one hour workshop will not only help your athletes better understand how their thinking affects the way they play but more importantly it shows them how they can begin to take control of their thoughts and can develop their own confidence, be continuously focused and increase their resiliency so they and the team can play to their full potential.

Best of all the principals taught in my workshop can be used in all areas of life. This workshop can take place online or by having me live on-site. To book – click below.

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“Gad’s free workshop was engaging and the players really enjoyed it. The content was excellent and appropriate for their age. It directly addresses the biggest barrier for any athlete to reach their full potential – their CONFIDENCE. Gad’s delivering is authentic and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the workshop to any coach for his/her team”

Adam J, Rep Hockey Coach

Free Team MT Workshop - Book Now

Free: 30 Minute 1-on-1 with Coach Gad

Let's have a chat about your child and the challenges he/she might be facing. I'll provide some insight, direction and recommendations and answer any questions you may have. 

I only provide a few of these per week – so book your free session right away. To book – click below.

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"Thank you so much for the great teaching sessions that you have had with Nick.  He has come away from them with a very positive confident attitude with many great tools to lead him forward in baseball and in life."

Kim E, mom

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) - Free Team Workshop

This one hour online or live workshop are for teams that aspire to be proactively responsible in learning and leading the cultural change within themselves their community.

The goal of the program is to unite and empower individuals within their team so together they can be agents of change against any form of discrimination towards another person. To book – click below.

Free Team D&I Workshop - Book Now
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