How to Develop CONFIDENT, RESILIENT & MENTALLY TOUGH - Athletes at Any Age or Level...

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How an athlete can generate confidence on demand! Yes, on demand.

How to ensure positive thinking overpowers negative thoughts!

Why an athlete's brain is working against them and not with them!

The #1 step coaches take so their team truly becomes mentally strong!

Scott K., Baseball Coach

"Gad’s mental-toughness program was exactly what I thought it was going to be. It provided me with a simple systematic way to coach my team on the psychological part of their development. The material was clearly presented and in a way that I could get my players to begin to implement the newfound strategies right away. I would definitely recommend the webinar to all coaches regardless of the age or level they work with”

Candace K., Hockey Coach

“Gad’s ‘Mental-Toughness’ masterclass is fantastic. It's engaging and I especially like it because it impacts the player and the person. I thought the content was excellent and very easy to coach regardless of the player's age. It offers tremendous value because not only do I use it every year with my team but I am now being asked to teach it within my organization. It's a great personal development opportunity for coaches."

Coach Gad

Gad is a former professional athlete, certified Mental Skills Coach, author, speaker and founder of the Mental Toughness Academy. He’s been interviewed in numerous newspapers, radio shows and podcasts. He's worked with athletes and teams at all levels, from those just starting their athletic careers to full-time professionals and others who have gone on to represent their country and succeed at World Championships and Olympic Games.