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Employees, just like athletes, need to be focused and productive in high-pressure situations.
A company can provide the most appealing working environment and skill-set training but if their employees aren’t in the right mindset and internally motivated everything else does not matter.

My ‘corporate mental toughness’ (CMT) program helps employees become increasingly self-aware (identify blind spots) which allows them to make adjustments to decision making based on newfound direction. In other words, they build ‘success thinking patterns’, therefore, good, confident choices become predictable and are made at crucial times. It unlocks the power of the mind!

I will be guiding your employees into building their ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (Mental Toughness) that they can turn to at any time, under any circumstances and will help them navigate through high-pressure situations, so they become increasingly more productive.

The focus will be to challenge employees thinking patterns so they’ll have increased self-awareness and a new perspective on handling situations and new skills that will help them confidently take action. Essentially you get the most out of your employees. This program is set up to support companies and employees with a lifetime of peak performance.

Some of the benefits of my Mental Game Performance Coaching (MGPC) includes:

  • Improved focus, concentration and energy levels
  • Personal awareness – clarity to identify motivational touchpoints
  • Ability to handle stress and pressure more efficiently
  • Better understanding and cooperation between all levels and departments in the company
  • Development of coping skills to deal with setbacks and adversity
  • Ability to develop the right perspective in difficult situations
  • Development of a healthy belief system and positive thought process
  • Track and measure progress and much more!

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