Mental Toughness Academy

Helping everyone find mental strength breakthroughs for higher levels of performance, conscious sensitivity and overall well-being

An athlete’s performance is only as good as what’s happening inside.

A team’s results are only as good as it’s togetherness, and

An organization's reputation is only as good as it’s culture.

The Mental Toughness Academy provides psychological training programs that deals with these challenges in a supportive and engaging format. This is done by using proven cognitive performance strategies. The results are:

Athletes - will discover newfound belief systems that will help them change anxiety, doubt and frustration into confidence, focus and resiliency. They’ll learn practical mental-game tools that they can apply to their regular routines and real competition scenarios. To learn more click here!

Teams -  will find higher levels of interaction and engagement. This team social development will allow for a higher ability to overcome challenges (i.e. tough loses, losing streaks), improved communication and overall better experience from all involved. It provides the opportunity to make every athletic year a memorable one on and off the arena/field/gym. To learn more click here!

Organizations - in today’s culture it’s not merely about understanding and being sensitive to social issues but it’s about building a truly aware and inclusive culture. By having your players, teams, employees go through these training programs you go from mere compliance to fostering and inviting an inclusive culture. To learn more click here!

The overall focus is on helping individuals discover mental strength breakthroughs that allow them to maximize their potential development not just in quality of performance but also in their life satisfaction and overall well-being.

Clients include athletes and teams at all levels, from those just starting their athletic careers to full-time professional athletes and others who have gone on to represent their country and succeed at World Championships and Olympic Games.

In fact, I've coached athletes that have gone on to win seven Olympic medals. 

It is this same unique mental performance training that I offer through the Mental Toughness Academy.

To learn more about my training programs click below...

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Angela, mom

“Gad was a terrific mentor and resource for our teenage son when he was looking for extra guidance to help him take his love of sport to the next level. His professional, perceptive approach is combined with authentic experiences and examples of how to use the power of mindset to improve performance; he really understands where athletes are coming from. We highly recommend Gad and his mental-toughness programs!”  

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Leon A, basketball coach

“Gad’s mental-toughness team program was exactly what we thought it was going to be. It provided my players with a simple systematic way for them to learn about the psychological part of their development. The sessions were clear and new material was presented at a nice pace so that players could begin to implement the newfound strategies right away. I would definitely recommend the program to teams regardless of age or level”

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Jackie A, baseball mom

“Thank you so much for the great teaching sessions in your mental-toughness program. My son Nick has come away from them with a very positive confident attitude with many great tools to lead him forward in baseball and in life.” 

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