Mental Toughness Academy

Mental Toughness Academy (MTA)


I use proven sports psychology theories to help athletes achieve peak performance, through the teaching of mind-skills and strategies.

It’s the teaching of success psychology (brain training) that will unleash the ability for athletes to reach their full potential. As a bonus, the skills learned are completely transferable to other areas of life. 

World-class coaches of all disciplines agree that for an athlete to take their performance to another level, it comes down to how mentally strong and prepared they are. They need to make the right choices at the right time. An athlete can train all they want technically & physically, but if they can’t execute in a game when the pressure is on, then every else does not matter. 

The Mental Toughness Academy helps athletes program and reprogram where choices are coming from, in other words, it builds ‘success thinking patterns’, therefore, good, confident choices become a habit and are made at crucial times. It unlocks the power of the mind!

My unique and proven program has helped hundreds of athletes navigate through high-pressure situations to gain an edge over opponents. I’ve worked with those just starting out their athletic careers to others that have represented their country at World Championships and Olympic games.  

The focus is to change the mindset of the athlete which will enable them to get the most out of their hard work and dedication and perform at their best consistently. This program is set up to support athletes for a lifetime of peak performance.

Some of the benefits of my Mental Tough Academy coaching includes:

  • Improved focus and concentration

  • Consistent confident play 

  • Sustained motivation

  • Development of coping skills to deal with setbacks and adversity

  • Ability to bounce back from mistakes

  • Adding mental-skills to preparation routines

  • Development of a healthy belief system and positive thought process

  • Track and measure performance

  • And much more

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Angela, mom

“Gad was a terrific mentor and resource for our teenage son when he was looking for extra guidance to help him take his love of sport to the next level. His professional, perceptive approach is combined with authentic experiences and examples of how to use the power of mindset to improve performance; he really understands where athletes are coming from. We highly recommend Gad and his mental-toughness programs!”  

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Andy A, hockey dad

“Coach Gad, I wanted to let you know that Jared has enjoyed your mental-toughness program. He has learned to be more focused and knows how to relax during crucial moments of the game. He finds the mental game tools you teach him extremely helpful. He is very happy with the results he is getting since he started the program.” 

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Kim E, baseball mom

“Thank you so much for the great teaching sessions in your mental-toughness program. My son Nick has come away from them with a very positive confident attitude with many great tools to lead him forward in baseball and in life.” 


Mental Toughness Individual Program


The topics they will learn:

  • The importance mental-toughness plays in their performance
  • How the Brain works in relation to their performance
  • How their emotions acts like a mailman delivery messages to the body
  • The 4 Keys to Thinking Like Champions
  • How to supercharge their development curve
  • What are the only things they should focus on
  • 7 Mental-game tools they can start implementing asap
  • Understanding what is the meaning of Success
  • The power of being a good teammate
  • 2 Unique tools that directly improve their confidence level
  • BONUS 30 minute zoom 1:1 session with Coach Gad!

Official Bio

Gad Espinosa is a certified High-Performance Mental Skills Coach, author, and speaker who has been interviewed in numerous newspapers and radio shows.

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He has been privileged to train and mentor athletes at all levels, from those just starting their athletic careers to others who have gone on to represent their country and succeed at World Championships and Olympic Games.

As a former professional athlete, who has represented his country internationally, he knows first hand the psychological and emotional challenges a young athlete faces.

As a parent of two former competitive athletes, he knows the difficulty of raising athletes and as a university head coach, he sympathizes with coaches and their challenges.

Gad is passionate about helping young athletes discover mental strength breakthroughs that allow them to maximize their development so they can take their game to another level and fulfill their athletic potential.

“Champions are not born, they are made!” - Coach Gad

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