It's a proven mental game plan so athletes (of any age) can consistently play at their best.


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My 'Mentally Tough Athlete (MTA)' coaching program, is an online program that will help any athlete (at any age) find higher levels of confidence, focus, motivation, resiliency and performance by helping them control anxiety, doubt and frustration.

It uses proven sports psychology concepts and breaks them down into easy-to-learn and follow mental skills and strategies so athletes can actually practice and get better at these important skills.

It goes from theory and talking to actual learning and doing!

It's this brain training that will unleash the ability of any athlete to achieve peak performance!

Benefits of my 'Mentally Tough Athlete' program

Athletes will gain an edge over their competition via...

  • Better decision-making in high-pressure situations
  • New coping skills to deal with setbacks and adversity
  • More consistent confident play
  • Newfound self-assurance and belief
  • Improved level of focus, concentration and self-discipline
  • Increased and sustained motivation
  • Ability to be emotionally aware and make adjustments
  • Development of a healthy belief system and thought process that fosters optimism and enjoyment
  • It allows an athlete to develop as a leader and get the most out of all the hard work they are already doing
  • Overall development of a crucial athletic and life skill and much more...
Sounds Great. How does it work?

World-class coaches of all sports agree that for an athlete to take their performance to another level, it comes down to how mentally strong and prepared they are.

An athlete can train all they want technically and physically but if they aren't making the right decisions when the pressure is on, then everything falls apart. 

My MTA coaching program helps athletes build ‘success thinking patterns’, therefore, good, confident choices become predictable and are made at crucial times.

It takes the athlete through a detailed, yet simple, understanding of how to take control of thoughts and feelings to gain an edge over opponents. 

A skill they can turn to anytime under any circumstance which will help them navigate through high-pressure situations so they can regularly perform at their best. 

It unlocks the power of the mind!

Here's How it Works...

The 'Mentally Tough Athlete' program is very easy to use, convenient and very affordable.

It uses many education touchpoints to ensure your athlete is getting the support they need to build their mental game. 

This is how it works...

Touch Point #1) Weekly mental-skills training session with me (recorded). This is the meat of the program. I systematically introduce and teach your athlete all the mental-game strategies and tools they will need to become mentally tough.

During each 30 minute session I will:

  • teach a new strategy or mental-game tool that can easily be implemented into an athlete's regular routine.
  • provide a ‘homework’ template to ensure the athlete has understood the lesson taught and how to begin to apply it. 

Here are just a few of the different topics I will cover:

  • How the Brain works against an athlete in relation to performance and how to fix this.
  • The 4 key success thinking patterns to 'Think Like A Champion'.
  • How an athlete can supercharge their focus and motivation level.
  • The only 3 things athletes should focus on and nothing else!
  • How too quickly overcome in-game mistakes!
  • How to put together simple yet effective routines; pre-game and post-game.
  • Specific tools to build and guard an athlete's ALL-IMPORTANT confidence level!
  • Literally dozens of mental-game tools your athlete can start implementing asap.
  • And much more….

Touch Point #2) Bi-monthly live training workshops with me - I will review my weekly sessions, do real-life athlete mental-game analysis to ensure athletes know how to put into practice the strategies and tools they are learning. There will be an opportunity to ask me questions as well. Essentially everything an athlete needs to keep moving forward. Btw, these sessions are recorded and made available in case your athlete can not attend live.

Touch Point #3Monthly interviews with other performance experts being as mentally prepared as possible requires many components. Here I will interview experts in many fields including nutrition for a healthy brain, good sleeping habits etc. that will complement my work.

Touch Point #4) Private Facebook Page - just for athletes (and parents) going through the program. This page is where I will upload all my special guests' (athletes & experts) interviews, add regular posts and overall be used to support and inspire each other as you will see athletes at different stages in the process. 

Touch Point #5) Online Library Access to all the video, audio,  and presentation files! That's right, your athlete will have access to a full library of all the 'mentally tough athlete' program material. That way they can go back and review any material as needed. Essentially it allows them to take control of their mindset training!

Touch Point #6) A Copy of my eBook - The Mentally Tough Athlete' (How to Raise Your Mental-Game to the Next Level) - This is essentially the manual for my program. I take you through my own personal experiences and real-life examples and applications of how to use your newfound mental-game skills.

As you can see this is an incredibly comprehensive program. I leave no chance that your athlete will not develop a strong, confident & winning mindset!

Essentially, I become your athlete's personal mental skills coach! 


The best part of it all might just be how affordable it is to get your athlete all this proven brain training!

Let me quickly share with you the value you are getting based on what my professional and elite-level athletes pay me for the MTA program ...

  • Weekly mental-skills training session with me = Value $1000/month. 
  • Bi-monthly live group worships = Value $400/month.
  • Monthly interviews with other Performance Experts = Value $200/month.
  • Private Facebook Page = Value $200/month.
  • Access to all the video, audio and presentation files = Value $200/month.
  • A copy of my ebook - 'The Mentally Tough Athlete' - Value $25. 

My - Mentally Tough Athlete - coaching program has a value of $2,000 per month.

But don't worry I'm not asking for anything close to that.

I want this decision to be a no-brainer for you. I've made it crazy affordable because there's no reason why this all-important brain training should not be available to every athlete at every age especially when you consider it helps in athletics and everyday life!

If you are convinced in any way that building your athlete's mindset is important you're going to love how affordable I've made this.

First, here's what parents who have signed up their athletes are saying...

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Adam J., Parent and Coach

“Gad’s ‘Mentally Tough Athlete' program is fantastic. It’s engaging and my boys really enjoy it. I thought the content was excellent and appropriate for their age. It addresses the many barriers athletes face to reach their potential. And the price...are you kidding me, I spend more on coffee when I watch them play! It’s tremendous value, especially when you consider Gad’s program impacts the player and the person. Sign-up you won't regret it.”

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David A., Hockey Dad

“There is no better testimonial than from a third party. Ben’s teacher has noticed an improvement in his focus, motivation and how he relates to his classmates. When she mentioned this to him Ben told her he believes it’s because of the mental-toughness training he receives from Coach Gad and I agree! Coach Gad’s MTA program is intuitive, clear and engaging and most importantly widely applicable in sports and everyday life. It has been great for Ben.”

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Veronica W., Baseball Mom

“Coach Gad I just wanted to let you know that Hudson is really enjoying your ‘Mentally Tough Athlete’ program. He’s feeling much more confident in terms of working on his defensive skills. In fact, I see him using many of the mental-game tools and strategies during practice and his pregame warm-up. Emotions are a big challenge for him in sports and everyday life so the mental-skills he’s learning from you are helping him on and off the field.”

Alright here's what the investment is...



That's it! For all this...

  • Weekly mental-skills training sessions.
  • Bi-monthly live group workshops. 
  • Monthly interview with other high-performance experts. 
  • Private Facebook Page with special member privileges.
  • Access to a library of all video, audio & presentation files.
  • A copy of my ebook - 'The Mentally Tough Athlete.' 

A value of $2000/month for only $7/month! Plus... 

  • No long-term commitment and
  • Cancel anytime!

Haven't Hit The 'JOIN NOW' Button Yet?

Here might be a few reasons why...

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Let me give your child the gift of being mentally tough for sports and life!



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Nick C., Pro Soccer Player

“I noticed my ability to shake off bad situations improved tremendously. I no longer get easily frustrated which has transitioned to me being more focused and making better decisions. I really recommend Coach Gad's 'Mentally Tough Athlete' program, it's helped take my game to another level and I'm really close to achieving my dream something that not too long ago seemed so far away.

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Joshua K., 14-year-old Hockey Player

"Coach Gad your 'mentally tough athlete' program has been amazing.  I always knew my mindset was important to get my game to the next level but I had no idea what a difference it can make. I was actually shocked when I started to be able to change my thoughts and feelings depending on the situation. I can actually feel my confidence grow as I use your strategies and tools. I particularly enjoy your interviews with the pro-athletes and experts"

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Jennifer B., 11 year-old goalie

“Hi Coach Gad, I just wanted to let you know that we won our tournament this past weekend. Overall I played well and when I let in a bad goal I kept remembering all the mental game tools you taught me. This helped me learn from my mistakes and focus on what I needed to do in the final and it worked! I'm feeling more confident all the time. Thank you so much!”

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Justin S, Columbus Blue Jackets

“I found the mental-game tools you teach me very powerful. No question I noticed an increase in my confidence and an overall better understanding of my feelings and how I can control them. In addition, I really enjoy how you connect your experiences as a former professional athlete to what I’m going through. I look forward to continuing with your MTA program throughout my athletic journey.”

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Kim L, 15-year-old, Soccer Player

“Your sessions are extremely helpful, Coach Gad. The concepts are easy to understand and the assignments after every session are especially useful as it forces me to apply the learning to my regular schedule. I also find the sessions are just the right length to keep me focused and engaged. I'm glad my parents signed me up for your 'mentally tough athlete' program. Thank you for being an important part of my soccer journey.”

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Hudson W., 10-year-old  Baseball Player

“Coach Gad, my mom wanted me to let you know that I'm making fewer errors on ground balls now. I'm not going on the field scared the ball is coming to me, instead, I'm focused on moving my feet and staying low. I also use your pregame mental exercises which help me calm down and stay focused. I like your weekly sessions, I'm learning alot."

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