Performance (Youth) Coaching

Gad has developed a reputation for bringing out the best in young people.

It in the early 2000’s with his work with the Ontario Soccer Association ’s  ‘Development Program’, an organization dedicated to developing the very best soccer players in the province. Through his time here Gad helped develop over 20 players that went on to play for Canadá at various levels including 4 that went on to win Olympic medals at the 2012 London and 2016 Rio games.

With this experience and success Gad continued to coach young student-athletes of all levels and backgrounds. During this time Gad realized many of the high performance athletic mental coaching techniques he was learning and implementing were transferable in many areas of life such as  academic, career, social and personal life challenges.

The results are: improved confidence, ability to overcome adversity, improved focus and concentration, developing a positive belief system, development of specific strategies to use at different situations and clear understanding of path needed to achieve optimum results.


Studies now prove that 80% of an athlete’s performance is mental.

When it comes to athletic performance you can not separate the physical from the mental. Through 1 on 1 and/or team workshops Gad is committed to helping young athletes develop a strong mental mindset to maximize their performance. Athletes will be provided a practical tool-box, including strategies and skills that will allow for maximum performance under the most trying of circumstances.


As a dad of teenagers Gad understands the challenges young people and their parents are privy to on a daily basis.

From meeting higher academic requirements to get into institutes of higher learning, to having a clearer picture of a career path and balancing everything in between. Gad will help define, sort out and confront challenging issues, as well as provide practical, ready to use techniques to empower youngsters to have emotional control over events and situations so they can achieve the best in the most trying circumstances.