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Mental Toughness Team Program

What you get: 

  • BONUS 1:1 Zoom session with Coach Gad to help you implement the program with your team. 
  • Session 1 - A comprehensive look at the mental side of high achievement. I clearly outline why it’s so important for young athletes to train their brain. I discuss - The 3 Pillars of Success, The Brain’s #1 Function & The Mind+ Body Connection to Performance
  • Session 2 - A clear outline of the - ‘4 Keys to thinking like a champion!’. An athlete needs to understand from those that have already achieved what it takes to reach their goal. Here they will begin to imbed the all-important, success-thinking patters.
  • Session 3 - Teamwork: discuss the importance of teamwork, team concepts and how working with others is key to reaching one’s full potential. What it looks like to be a good teammate.
  • Session 3 - Success: help players set goals for themselves and as a team, then use that as a springboard to help them understand the true meaning of success. This shift in mindset is a game-changer to continue to set success thinking patterns.
  • Session 4 - Mental Game (MG) skills: an introduction to the first 3 MG skills that will be an integral part of the ‘Mental Game’ toolkit, including the power of visualization.
  • Session 5 - Mental Game (MG) skills: an introduction to the next 3 MG skills. These MG tools build on the first three MG tools and include building confidence which is key to taking performance to the next level.