Mental Toughness Team Program

The mind leads the body to achieve peak performance

"Mental training is crucial to individual and team performance." John B, coach

Coaches for your team to get the most out of their technical and physical training it needs to be complemented with a strong mindset. This like any other skill must be trained. Learn more... 


Creating a Winning Team Mindset For Success In Sport & Life

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Mental Toughness Coaching


Mental Toughness Coaching (MTC), will help your team play with more confidence, control their nervousness before and during a game and cope with adversity a lot better.

My unique MTC program uses proven sports psychology theories to help your team achieve peak performance, through the teaching of mental skills and strategies. It allows your players to take control of their thoughts, which directly affects how they feel that turns into how they perform.

World-class coaches of all disciplines agree that for any team to take their performance to another level, it comes down to how mentally strong and prepared each and every player is. A team can prepare all they want technically, tactically and physically, but if they can’t execute in a game when the pressure is on, then every else does not matter.

My unique mental-toughness team program,  helps athletes program and reprogram where choices are coming from, in other words, it builds ‘success thinking patterns’, therefore, good, confident choices become predictable and are made at crucial times. It unlocks the power of the mind!

I will be guiding your team into building their ‘Mental Toughness Tool-kit’ that they can turn to at any time, under any circumstances and will help them navigate through high-pressure situations to gain an edge over opponents.

The focus is to change the mindset of the athletes, which will enable them to get the most out of your coaching and their hard work and dedication and perform at their best consistently, as an individual and team. This program is set up to support athletes for a lifetime of peak performance.

It’s taking concepts of confidence, focus, motivation, resiliency, grit etc. and teaches players mental-game skills so they can actually practice and get better at all these skills.

This is the very same program I have used to successfully train 100’s of athletes many of which have gone on to successfully compete at World Championships and Olympic Games and the program I currently teach many teams and professional athletes in North America and Europe. 

My belief is that this type of training should be available to all teams at any age and level because it has so many benefits on and off the athletic arena. The program is very easy to use, convenient and affordable. It provides ongoing resources for athletes and coaches alike.

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Mental Toughness Team Program

Here’s how it works

You will get a total of 8 online sessions...
Session 1: Live 'Getting Started' (30-min) webinar:  Here I will explain the general concept of the program, the progression and how it works and provide the players with a sense of the benefits that they can expect.
Sessions 2 to 7:  My recorded (50-min/session) program takes players from a quick understanding of how the brain works to teaching them 6 mental-game tools they can begin to implement asap. (See session outline below) Each session will have a homework template for each player to fill out to ensure they have seen the video and have understood the material. 
Session 8: Live 'Conclusion: (30-min) webinar: I'll recap the program and answer any questions.
Ongoing Learning: Along with this, all players will receive:
  • a copy of my ebook.
  • a complimentary 30-min 1-on-1 online session with me.
  • access to all the videos and presentation slides as reference.
As you can see it's a thorough program that will enable every player and coach to build a nice comprehensive knowledge of the psychological aspect of performance that will help in sports and everyday life!
Here's a testimonial from a player that took my course...
'I always remembered your lessons and felt they really helped with my pre-game preparation and my overall attitude. I practiced it at the rink and eventually applied it to just about everything. That being said, I feel my personality evolved and will be forever grateful. I always enjoy your lessons.'  -  Minor Hockey Midget AA player   

Here’s what your team will learn

Session 2 - A comprehensive look at the mental side of high achievement. I clearly outline why it’s so important for young athletes to train their brain. I discuss - The 3 Pillars of Success, The Brain’s #1 Function & The Mind+ Body Connection to Performance

Session 3 - A clear outline of the - ‘4 Keys to thinking like a champion!’. An athlete needs to understand from those that have already achieved what it takes to reach their goal. Here they will begin to imbed the all-important, success-thinking patters.

Session 4 - Teamwork: discuss the importance of teamwork, team concepts and how working with others is key to reaching one’s full potential. What it looks like to be a good teammate.

Session 5 - Success: help players set goals for themselves and as a team, then use that as a springboard to help them understand the true meaning of success. This shift in mindset is a game-changer to continue to set success thinking patterns.

Session 6 - Mental Game (MG) skills: an introduction to the first 3 MG skills that will be an integral part of the ‘Mental Game’ toolkit, including the power of visualization.

Session 7 - Mental Game (MG) skills: an introduction to the next 3 MG skills. These MG tools build on the first three MG tools and include building confidence which is key to taking performance to the next level. 


What coaches are saying...

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Doug B - Rep, Hockey Coach

“I was really impressed how coach Gad was able to deliver his message in a way that captivated our very young team.  He has a gift of making very  complicated mental-skill concepts easy to understand and very practical to implement. I definitely noticed a change of mindset in my players and it was not a coincidence that my players concentration and performance improved during the season. Needless to say I highly recommend coach Gad's mental-toughness team program." 

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John B, Head Soccer Coach

After completing the mental toughness team program with Coach Gad, players began to display more self-confidence as they had a better understanding of the mental obstacles athletes encounter on a daily basis. They learned how to cope and handle different circumstances that may arise before, during or after competition. I would recommend the program to any athlete and team looking to enhance their performance and learn how mental training is crucial to individual and team performance. 

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Scott K. Baseball Coach

"Gad has successfully worked with a number of teams in our organization including my own. His program is detailed, practical and engaging and can easily be implemented into any team's weekly schedule. I found many boys writing personal notes and using his mental-game tools during games in a way we had not in the past been able to teach. Gad provides great examples and arms the players with thought-provoking reflections. This is not only a useful athletic skill but something players can take with them to everyday life."

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