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Team Program

This is a comprehensive program that will enable players and teams to train the all-important mental-skills aspect to performance as a group. Much of an individual’s performance is tied to team performance, therefore learning and understanding how to be a good teammate is key to individual and team success. 

I will impart practical learning & guidance so your players can improve measurably in their thinking that will directly affect their confidence, focus, and resiliency levels and help them grow together as a team!

    Monthly Mentorship

    I provide mental-skills training through weekly workshops that will guide your child throughout their season. It will…

    • Teach practical exercises that allow young athletes to take control of their thoughts, feelings and ultimately their performance.
    • Harness the power of the mind
    • Transform them into more (consistently) confident players, with a higher level of focus and newfound resiliency to perform against the most challenging of circumstances.
    • Provide that competitive advantage that all players are looking for! 

    The sessions are live but are also recorded so that your child can view them at their convenience and reference them throughout the season

    Athletes receive:

    – a weekly live mental toughness session

    – an audio and video library of all sessions so you can view and review at anytime

    – a mental-toughness workbook that you can refer to at anytime

    – a copy of my book

    – two 30 minute one-on-one sessions with me!


      This is a step-by-step personalized ‘mental-toughness’ plan that will teach your child how to address issues now and into the future. It will be the catalyst to reach the next level in their overall confidence and performance.